Abigail Run Run Run

It took a day longer than I wanted but I finally got Abigail’s run ready for exporting. I could always spend more time polishing but I think its looking pretty good for that time I had.

Taking reference from Alice’s run cycle I wanted to get the arms swinging in a relaxed way. I liked the way Alice’s run displayed both femininity and self-assured strength, a trait I want Abigail to embody.


Influence – Alice Run

I wanted to find some reference before I started working on Abigail’s run cycle. The femininity of Alice’s run is defiantly something I want to emulate here. The frame rate of the game and screen cap meant I couldn’t get an exact loop. However aliasing the frames I do have, I can see that Alice doesn’t have a lot of vertical translation. Her legs motions are quite exaggerated comparatively.

Super Busy, quick update7

Been pretty busy over the last few weeks, computer died (lost my witcher 3 save), working etc. I haven’t had time to make constant updates.

I have however installed Gyazo on a borrowed laptop so now I can cap gifs of my animations

This is a cap of one of Abigail’s attack combos. I’ve learnt so much about animating for combat, I’ll need to make a big block of text about it later on.