Creating my Orcs InterFace:Creating my Orcs InterFace

Over the last week I set my character for facial animations. I wanted to create an interface for this, to save time and frustration animating, using the spinners on the morph target modifier. Thanks to Steve’s snail rigging tutorial and the morph target gude in Stop Staring, I was able to create the face set up. Using the wire parameters, I hooked up each shape to opposite ends of controllers x and y position.

Learning and applying what is required of each shape, so they will mix well together was the most challenging aspect. This requires an understanding of how the morph modifier adds shapes together. Knowing what shapes will need to mix, and what shapes never will, helped me both, create the shapes in ways that would not force double deformations, and decide what shapes would need to be opposite and complementary on the control scheme.

By working through this process I have a better understanding of the way faces move, and what basic shapes combine to create the more complex expressions. The interface was relatively quick to hook up, the process of using the wire parameter connections were easy, understanding the shape mixing was more the main challenge. Now that I have an understanding of what base shapes are required to create a full lip sync set, and the advantages of using an interface like this. I believe I will be able to create and apply this interface system to other characters, in a quicker timeframe, in the future, making my animation experience easier and faster.


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