Ork Skinning:Ork Skinning

Over the last week I got my Orc Rigged and skinned. I used Super Runes, Super Simple Rig for this. I encountered a few issues that I had to dig about in the rig and fix; the extra bone chains for the ears and tongue needed to be parented to the head bone, and the eye bones needed realigning to fix their pivot. After that the skinning was my next challenge.

As I detailed in my previous post I needed to adjust some pivot points part way through my skin weighting. This required me to build a new rig and import the weights I had already done on to the new one. The below max help doc explains the process I used.


Thanks to some advice from Steve I was also able to improve the deformations around the belt area, because his legs are so squat it was challenging to weight the waist and hips. Next time I will probably build the belt as a sub element so it can move over the waist instead of it being pulled about as much as it is now.

Currently I am satisfied with my results, enough to move on to the next phase of production. If I have time before submitting my assessment I would like to improve the deformations of the fingers, however getting close to the due date means I need to move forward, if I am going explore everything I planned for.