Influences from Iconic Animation

Blur Studios founded in 1995 was founded on the principle of, high quality, creativity leading to profitability(Miller. Tim, Seymour. Mike. 2012). Founding partner Tim Miller’s vision of creating a studio where he could control the “creative destiny”(Miller. Tim, Seymour. Mike. 2012) of the studio has come to fruition. Blur Studios work had been featured on multiple highly respected CG sites such as FX guide and CGSociety(Miller. Tim, Seymour. Mike. 2012,March 3)(Hellard. Paul, Taylor. Paul 2005)(Teo, Leonard. 2005).

Their body of work is highly varied, projects ranging from In game cinematics, to film, to advertising. Their style morphs and adapts from gritty dark worlds of Arkham Asylum II or Bio Shock to the sweet innocent worlds of Goldfish Crackers or the Nick Kids Choice Awards. No matter the client or style Blur produced high quality results. After 20 years blur studio is still creating beautiful films and game cinematics. Last year they released the cinematic; League of Legends, A New Dawn (Blur Studio. 2014). Through this blog I plan to analyze both this cinematic and Blurs 2004 short film “In the Rough” (Blur Studio 2004)taking influence from their shot composition, timing and animation to improve my own work.

There are several reasons I have chosen these two pieces of work to inform my orc vs witch doctor animation. Both animations are centered on conflict, focusing on the differences in size and weight between the characters. In the Rough is more centered on slapstick humour, where the weight differences allow smaller characters to dodge out of the way leaving the heavier characters momentum to carry them into hilarity. The lol cinematic uses the same idea to show the different strengths of the characters, and their fighting styles. Powerful heavy hitters smash through obstacles where high agility characters dodge around.

I want to apply these principles to my Orc character. His character design is oafish and heavy. One particular scene I want to take influence from is at  0.35. In the cinematic, the animation of the lighter characters, compared to the heavier character, smashing through the log is accented by the camera move and shot framing. I want to have dynamic camera moves, however there is the risk of going too extreme and looking amateurish, something I want to avoid.

In the Rough’s shot at 3:15 is also influential. The heavy bears momentum carries him past his target even though he is planting his feet in an attempt to slow down. In this shot camera moves are static, cutting to each shot framing the character in appealing ways. I want to replicate the slow motion camera shot at 3:18 however in my shot the agile Witchdoctor will be intentionally flipping over the Orc, teasing him on the way past.

Over the next few days I will be referencing these animating taking influence to improve my animations. I plan to follow a post to post workflow, planning my shot, and animating to the camera.



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