We’ve moved to trello.

We were originally using producteev (n.d.) for our project management task allocation. However myself and others found it cumbersome to use. This lead to it being used wrong, with tasks being allocated to the wrong department or wrong person, and not being as used as much as it probably should have. It doesn’t matter how good a communication tool or piece of software is if the team is not engaging with it (Harned. 2014). Noticing this Soren made the call over the study break to use trello. Most group members had used it in the past for previous projects and had found it user friendly. The other main reason for using Trello is its built in link to Ganttify(n.d.), a Gantt chart webtool. Adding expected dates to your cards dynamically updates the chart.

I have now integrated the animation work breakdown document in to the Trello. I found this task to be much quicker and easier using the trello. Myself and Ben have about 60 to do cards between us. Using the card system we can see what each member is working on and what needs to be done next. Again this will only be of use if we are updating the trello with each completed task, so each team member will need to engage with the board regularly. Getting each team member into the habit of updating cards as early as possible is the key, we will have to keep on eachothers backs about this.

   (Animation task list, 2015, April 16)

(In progress task list, 2015, April 16)


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