Response to Animation Aid:Response to Animation Aid

@ Maddiciu 

I was originally going to post this as a response to your post animation aid, but I wanted to use far more words than tumblr would allow so I’ve made a new post.

I wanted to say that rotoscoping your characters movements is definitely not cheating. Im sure you know that rotoscoping was used in traditional animation, such as in Snow White, as a base (Seymour 2011), just as mocap is used today. In your case you are still doing all the animation, its just in 3D. So the timing, anticipation and poses are all yours, you are just as I understand it using the 3D model to keep your form consistent? A few contemporary artists use that technique (Johnson, 2014)

The only thing I would watch out for is Squash and Stretch. Since the 3D model’s rig is constant you can’t employ this as much as you normally would in 2D. However, keeping this in mind, when drawing your extremes, will allow you to push your characters a little further to achieve this principle. I am excited to see your animations in game, if your previous work is anything to go by they will be fantastic.


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